Managed Discretionary Account

Have you ever been interested in trading Futures or Equities but never had the expertise or time?

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Managed Discretionary Accounts

A JB Markets MDA service is a licensed product which allows JB Markets to trade on your behalf in a designated strategy of your choice.

Key features of a JB Markets MDA:


– No entry or exit fees
– You retain ownership and control of your account and the investments at all times
– Managers have discretion to buy and sell as per the Investment Strategy without needing the client to confirm each trade
– Regular reporting of assets held
– Direct Access to your Client Adviser
– Profit based – Performance fees paid on profits only
– Complete transparency
– Funds at call

Futures – Options – CFD’s

JB Markets commitment to the derivatives industry is one of the keys to our success. We offer effective opportunities for hedging, trading and investment to both institutional and retail customers.
We have access to a global network of markets and provide 24 hour continuous execution coverage. The diversity offered includes; equity indices, fixed income, currencies, commodities and agricultural products.


It is through our qualified and dedicated brokers that we can provide efficient and direct execution services as well as focusing on the individual needs of our customers.

This individual service enables us to offer DMA (direct market access) on the latest trading platforms for those clients who want the convenience of executing their own trades. These platforms, CQG and TT also allow clients access to charts and technical analysis tools.


JB Markets, in conjunction with our supported trading platforms, uses proprietary grade risk management software that links to all our platforms. This enables trades to be confirmed in an efficient and timely manner and allows the client the option of average pricing and multiple allocations which are all managed and dealt with prior to clearing.

Foreign Exchange

JB Markets forex offering has our traders in mind in delivering the best technology and price to trade the world’s markets.


Increasing numbers of traders are looking to the forex market for opportunities as a result of its sheer size and importance with the global flow of funds for commerce. This market trades over $5.3 trillion daily.


We will provide clients with access to a full suite of currency pairs and commodities and support them 24 hours. By providing the best technology solutions and sourcing the best prices from a wide range of liquidity providers will see our traders being quoted tight spreads with deep tradeable liquidity.

Agricultural Products

JB Markets has a team of advisors who have many years of experience trading, speculating and hedging on commodity prices. JB Markets provides the ability to trade commodities through derivatives such as futures , options and CFD’s. When deciding on a commodity broker it is important to know which commodities are of the most interest to you as we offer a wide range of futures, contracts for difference, currency contracts and options contracts on gold, silver, platinum,  oil, natural gas,  copper, wheat, corn, soybean & soybean products, coffee, cocoa & sugar and many others.

Our private client advisors are able to provide helpful insight into each commodity, as well as commentary on prevailing market conditions and opportunities. JB Markets provides comprehensive strategical advice as well as education on almost all commodities available for trading on an exchange. With the help of our commodities trading advisors, we can suggest which contracts to trade and which to avoid, suitable approaches and strategies applied.

Shares & Options


Our experienced advisors can provide helpful market insight and commentary, as well as important advice regarding entry, exit and stop-loss settings on your investment shares. Our dedicated team of advisors work hard to provide not only top quality advice, but also ongoing comprehensive risk management.


JB Markets offers the support, advice and position management required to help all of our clients achieve their investment objectives in all markets and in any conditions.

Managed Funds

Like the Managed Discretionary Accounts, Managed Funds is also a product which allow JB Markets to trade on your behalf in a designated strategy of your choice but it differs slightly in that monies invested are pooled and investors receive units in the fund equal to the value of the amount deposited.


Key features of a JB Markets Fund:

– No exit fees; 0.15% transfer fee
– Client funds held by a custodian
– Value of units calculated daily
– Manager has discretion to buy and sell as per the Investment Strategy without needing the client to confirm each trade
– Profit based – Performance fees paid on profits only
– Complete transparency
– Redemption of funds – weekly liquidity
– Communication – Monthly reporting and fact sheet