JB Markets Pty Ltd ABN 81 123 876 291, AFSL 323182, is an established financial services provider in local and international securities and derivatives markets, servicing retail, sophisticated and institutional investors.
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JB markets is providing an opportunity to both retail and wholesale clients, as defined under Section 761G (7) of the Corporations Act, to invest in a Fund that will invest in a range of financial products that focus on Global Macroeconomics and, in holding both long and short positions, will seek to provide investors absolute returns regardless of market direction.
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About Us

JB Markets is a financial services company operating in the securities and derivatives space for wholesale and retail clients

Our approach is built on the philosophy of providing financial services to our clients with excellence and integrity. We know that every client has distinct and diverse investment goals so we can provide individually tailored trading and advisory solutions to both Wholesale and retail traders and investors, enabling them to gain fast access to opportunities on global markets 24/6


Our integrated yet flexible approach to providing high quality financial services means each client can be provided with a unique packages of products and services to suit their individual needs.

Private Clients

The JB Markets futures and options team understands that at certain times of the investment horizon, and across the investment vehicles being utilised, hedging your portfolio will be critical to your overall returns.
The team offers education, on both the markets and trading platforms, and support throughout your investment horizon.

Producers & Refiners

From Direct Market Access to more traditional broker executed orders our experienced team talks your language. We’re able to execute spreads, basis trades and outright orders across the range of Futures and Option products relevant to the grain industry. Our wide range of clients allows us to maximise the pre-negotiation order rules on ASX24 by efficiently matching buyers and sellers. We have the resources to give or take delivery of grain on behalf of clients via the ASX24 delivery mechanism.

Money Managers

The Team at JB Markets takes an active approach to service and advice for all our clients. Through experience and educations our staff can provide various expertise ranging from research and selection of investment options to monitoring the assets and risk parameters. It is our fiduciary duty to aid and assist our clients, in developing an appropriate investment strategy and at JB Markets we want all our clients to be successful and profitable, and good management is part of the equation.


The JB Markets institutional broking and dealing team offers institutional clients around the clock access, 6 days a week, to critical futures markets across the globe. Our highly experienced broking team and software suite offer leading order management, market analysis and post trade management. Order management facilities include Bloomberg, Bloomberg EMSX, Iress, Reuters and other FIX vendors, that aim to provide clarity, verification, and allocation regarding all trades.

Online Trading

Trading Platforms
  • CGQ & TT
  • Direct Market Access
  • Access to the global futures and options exchanges
  • Access to over 150 listed futures & operation products
  • Full-service Australian-based dealing desk open for all global markets


What are futures?

Futures are financial contracts obligating the buyer to purchase an asset or the seller to sell an asset such as a physical commodity or a financial instrument at a predetermined future date and price.  Futures contracts detail the quality and quantity of the underlying asset; they are standardised to facilitate trading on a futures exchange. Some futures contracts may call for physical delivery of the asset while others are settled in cash.