JB Markets is showing strong leadership in the global financial markets sector. We are perfectly positioned to service our clients, offer advanced trading platforms and technology. Our core asset is one of “service” via our team which brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in futures, options, equities, foreign exchange, CFDs, managed accounts, reports and research. As a company we are setting a new standard of financial services and a strong business structure and cementing relationships – a vibrant company culture is our mission.


We look forward to getting to know you.

Managed Discretionary Service

Have you always been interested in trading Futures or Equities but never had the expertise or time?

JB Markets has developed a number of strategies which can provide a managed investment for those investors looking for professional management and diversification in a cost efficient manner.

We provide both Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDAs) and Managed Investment Schemes or Funds (Funds).

Please see more information on our MDA offering under the Product section of this website.

Full Service Broking Services

JB Markets’ commitment to the derivatives industry is one of the keys to our success. We offer effective opportunities for hedging, trading and investment to both institutional and retail customers.


We have access to a global network of markets and provide 24 hour continuous execution coverage. The diversity offered includes; equity indices, fixed income, currencies, commodities and agricultural products.

It is through our qualified and dedicated financial services firm that we can provide efficient and direct execution services as well as focusing on the individual needs of our customers. This individual service enables us to offer DMA (direct market access) on the latest trading platforms for those clients who want the convenience of executing their own trades

These platforms, CQG and TT, also allow clients access to charts and technical analysis tools. JB Markets, in conjunction with our supported trading platforms, uses proprietary grade risk management software that links to all our platforms.


This enables trades to be confirmed in an efficient and timely manner and allows the client the option of average pricing and multiple allocations which are all managed and dealt with prior to clearing.

Trade For Yourself

Providing a Direct Market Access (DMA) model of CFDs to our clients we align our interests! Our traders demand this model of derivative with transparent, direct access to the global financial markets. Actual volumes and prices are streamed from the underlying exchange and all trades are filled on-the-spot in the underlying market by JB Markets to back the client trades.


JB Markets provide exceptional global coverage with access to a huge range of global equity and futures exchanges, over 30 FX pairs and commodities from the same platform. Building on the groups experience we are mindful that not all clients are built equal and we look to cater to this by going above and beyond the normal online experience; delivering access to research, tools, 24 hour support and dedicated advisers to ensure that your needs are being to met the goal of seeing you do better as a trader.

“Direct Market Access (DMA) CFDs are derivative instruments that provide traders with fast, transparent and accountable access to the world’s global financial markets.

With live prices and volumes streaming unfettered from the underlying exchanges and all trades instantaneously hedged directly onto the underlying exchange, DMA CFDs are a fair and unambiguous way to trade. In hedging all DMA CFD trades immediately and directly onto the underlying exchange, our interests as a financial services firm are aligned with our clients. In addition to the many benefits of trading DMA CFDs, clients also have access to the IRESS Trader platform with a wide range of order types.


Invast’s DMA CFD offering provides truly global coverage with access to over 30 international equity and futures exchanges all delivered through one platform and a single margin facility. With market-leading commission and financing structures and competitive margins, Invast’s DMA CFD offering is the ideal offering for professional traders.