Investment Philosophy

JB markets is providing an opportunity to retail clients to invest in a Fund that will invest in a range of financial products that focus on Global Macroeconomics and, in holding both long and short positions, will seek to provide investors absolute returns regardless of market direction.


The Fund will employ a global macro strategy, predominantly investing in global futures markets worldwide, across categories such as share indices, interest rates, currencies and commodities. The Fund will invest in exchange-traded futures contracts, listed equities and cash. Typically, the exchange-traded markets will be broad-based, and liquid developed markets, including the Dow Jones Industrials, S&P 500, FTSE 100, Nikkei 225, DAX, Hang Seng and the S&P ASX 200. The Fund will also take positions in the direction of global Government Bond markets and commodities such as gold or oil. Currency exposure will be attained by holding a mix of cash balances in various currencies, such as Australian Dollar, Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen and British Pound and through the trading of currency futures and options markets.


The Investment Manager’s advantage lies in correct assessment of broad valuation measures, macroeconomic environment, sentiment and economic forecasting.  The strategy aims to identify medium and long-term trends and trend shifts, but to also vary position size given short-term technical indicators including sentiment and momentum. The strategy targets positive results over 12 month rolling periods.


Applications to invest in the Fund must be for a minimum investment of AUD 50,000. Applications for more than AUD 50,000 must be in multiples of AUD 5,000 and when an Application is accepted, the Applicant will be issued Units at the Issue Price at the date the Application is accepted.

Current Unit Prices (After Fees)

Application Price: 1.0217

Redemption Price: 1.0187

Historical NAV Per Unit

Weekly Unit PriceAfter Fees